The outbreak of the coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of more than 40.000 people globally, has also affected the triathlon events across the world. Staging a sport event of any kind during this pandemic is simply not possible, the health and well-being of human life must always be our number one priority.
To slow the spread of the coronavirus, we all need to help, together we are in a team. We have to take the recommended steps to protect ourselves and others. Practice good hygiene and social distancing and follow the rules in our countries for public gatherings and self-isolation. I believe that if we spread unity, have hope and remain optimistic we are capable to slow down the spread of the virus and so it eventually dies out.

Now we spend much of our time at home, we have fewer opportunities to be physically active. But it’s important to not forget this! Our bodies and minds still need exercise to function well, prevent weight gain and keep the spirits up during these challenging times. Think about options as exercise DVDs, dancing, floor exercises, yoga, walking around the backyard or using home exercise equipment.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying mentally/physically healthy during this time!

With love,

Thanks for your help!